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November 03, 2014

Blogging for the Brooklyn Museum

My first post for the Brooklyn Museum Tech blog went up October 20th: The Design Spin Cycle. In it, I tried to explain what it's like jumping into a huge project which had already gained strong momentum with respect to research and purpose, but hadn't yet found it's shape. We knew the goal for what we would eventually build, but we didn't yet know what we would end up building. I also tried to hint at how much I'm designing -- as in, the size and scope of it all. There are a lot of different pieces, some much larger than others, some public facing while others are for internal use, and I'm trying to be very deliberate about how I'm approaching it all at once. I'm very aware of being the sole designer on the project, and I want to be sure my design process includes the rest of the team as much as possible. 

I might repost it at at some point, either in this blog or some other page for posterity.