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Resident of Brooklyn, NY. Senior Product Designer at the Wall Street Journal.


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October 14, 2013

Development Is Design

I attended Brooklyn Beta last week. While there, I must have introduced myself a hundred times, which of course required me to explain what I do. My stock answer was that I was a designer and developer. Both. And each time it felt weird, as if I was either claiming to be a wunderkind who can do it all, or that I didn’t know the difference between the two enough to pick one.

So when Brad Frost makes the argument that development is design, I nod my head in agreement. I know why we generally think of them as separate, it's just that it is becoming increasingly difficult to define where design ends and development begins. Some front-end work is only translation from comp to code, as in how it looks, but so much more involves how a site works. So much gray area in there.

And so now, when people ask, I’ll just say I’m a designer.