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Resident of Brooklyn, NY. Senior Product Designer at the Wall Street Journal.


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December 19, 2015

Journaling and Blogging

For the last few years, I've written a lot in a personal journal. The journal alternates between private and public-worthy content, and I find it very hard to pull out what should be published at this site and what shouldn't. It's a design problem I want to solve. I want one place to write which allows me to push to public view if I choose. 

There aren't any apps or CMS's out there at the moment which do exactly what I want. So I've been designing my own. How I build it is another question, but I'm enjoying playing with the constraints and the possibilities. 

What I've come up with is a combination of an iOS note taking app and dropbox-hosted static site CMS. The hope is to construct something which is very easy to set up and use, and reduces as much friction as possible. 

I'm designing something for myself. And maybe I'll build it for myself. Shipping something along these lines is a goal for 2016, and I'll try and document my progress here.