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September 04, 2014

Just Keep Writing

Finally got into the flow of writing posts again. Part of it is the app, Writer Pro. It’s exactly the app I had slowly been conceiving of in my mind, and was *this close* to designing and possibly prototyping. Still, might, actually: if I’m going to try my hand (and my brother’s) at designing an app, there’s no better place to start than a text editor.

Writer Pro allows you to take notes and leave them in a notes folder. When you’re ready to actually start expanding that note into something more like *writing*, you move it into the Write folder. And then from Write to Edit, and from Edit to Read (where Read is really Ready To Publish). It’s great to be able to keep that flow within one app. I’ve needed to use so many apps to accomplish this previously. I take notes in either Vesper or Notes. I use Notes for longer writing. And at some vague point, those writing drafts move into my CMS, but once there it’s so hard to decide if they’re ever finished or not.

Let’s poor one out for Editorially. It closed in the Spring, but it was well on it’s way to solving writing for the web. If it had lasted long enough to have produced an iOS app, I likely never would have thought to look for another place to write. It was so good.

I’ll continue to journal using a .txt file in Notes, stored in Dropbox. Some of thoughts I stumble upon in that free-form writing become posts for the blog, likely skipping the entire Notes to Drafts to Final process. And I hope to get to a place again where I could write blog posts on the fly. Regardless of how this writing gets done, it’s always worth doing. This year’s journal is up to 22,000+ words. And that feels too short.