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September 11, 2014

The Visitor Engagement Initiative Commences

The news about our project at the museum has finally started to break. It went out first in the Wall Street Journal. Shelley then posted a longer explainer on our Tech blog. There's still a ton to talk about, and there'll be many more posts to link to. I'll try to collect the best ones here, occasionally. I'll also be writing for the Tech blog, myself, from time to time. Some, or all, of those posts I might repost here sometime later. 

I started at the Brooklyn Museum January 2nd of this year. Shelley and Sarah had already been testing paper, analog prototypes for what would eventually become the VEI — which actually might be branded as Ask. As in Ask Brooklyn Museum. We didn't get to actually conceiving of the digital version until February or March. Design began shortly thereafter. 

It's been at least 6 months that I've been working on this. Feels great to have it out in the open.