Brian Feeney
About Me

Me. The person.

Hello from Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, New York, USA. I'm a designer — and sometimes front-end developer — specializing in software tools and applications. I landed here from Indianapolis, Indiana where I spent a childhood headed towards a career in the arts. On my way there, I sidetracked into an English Literature degree from Indiana University. They handed me a diploma in 2003. It's in a little red leather folder somewhere in my parent's home.

While in Bloomington, I read a lot. I began taking lots of photographs. I played in some bands. I learned how to make websites, the first of which was a photoblog called Feenster. From 2005 to 2007, I worked as a book cover designer for a small self-publisher.

In 2007, I moved to NYC, where people were flipping out over something called a Great Recession. This turned out to be a whole thing. For the next couple of years, I joined the ranks of Overqualified Baristas, working in a cafe in Carrol Gardens, BK. It wasn't so bad. I met a ton of cool people. Served coffee to dozens (hundreds?) of famous people and musicians. Made friends with some of them. I also played in another band for a while. I wrote half of a novel.

I met my future wife at the end of 2009 when the world finally started to make sense again. She helped me in a bajillion ways to get my career back on track. Print design had been an experience, but wasn't a calling. Writing was a skill, but not my bag. Web design was in high demand and I could do it. I had been doing it for seven years just for fun. Over the next few years, I made a lot of websites for people. And that's what I still do today. I make websites. This website is for my own enjoyment. Some of the other websites I've worked on are slightly bigger deals.

I've been a New Yorker now for over 6,000 days. In July of 2022, that became more permanent when we bought a home on a lovely street in my favorite neighborhood in NYC, only two blocks from where I was once frothing milk for lattes. Life is funny.

About This Website

The site you're reading.

Why have a website? In today's economy? I think everyone should have a website. Well, everyone who kinda thinks they maybe might like to have one. Someday, I hope more people will. And I'm not talking about social media accounts. But, like, It seemed like we were headed towards that for a moment, but then FB and Twitter swooped in like The Nothing from _The Never Ending Story_. Now it seems like there are four websites which people seem to care about. That's why I have this one. It's mine. It's weird. I know.

The site you're looking at is Version 11. I've designed and rebuilt it eleven times. There will be a Version 12. The CMS is Craft. The design is 100% me. The CSS is handwritten by moi, aussi. I manage the system administration, but, like, barely. The internet is hard. I would love to help make it easier one day.

I bought the domain in 2010. So I suppose that's the official birthday. The photoblog here has been running since 2005, which is why you'll see posts going back almost twenty years. Those photos are what I consider the heart of this site. The main attraction, as it were. I only manage to write in waves. Perhaps someday the words here will stand up against the pictures. We'll see.

About My Work

What I do for money.

I'm a designer by trade. My focus is on software and professional tooling. Applications which people use to do their jobs, to get work done. At the moment, that's leading the design of editorial tools at the Wall Street Journal (and other Dow Jones newsrooms). I'm responsible for several large applications including the CMS for publishing, for planning, for web and app curation, for image management, for chart creation, for live coverage reporting, and more. As the lead designer, I've also become experienced in organizational productivity. How to get big things done for important purposes while working with busy people ... and on a tight budget. I'm a UX designer. A UI designer. A design systems manager. A systems designer. (Technically, I'm also a User Experience Architect, though I'm still not sold on the title.) I wear all of the hats, and I work with all of the people, from VPs of Product to junior engineers. While design is my job, knowing as much as I can about everything else is my drive.

For a fuller picture of my career, please visit I'm on LinkedIn, too, if that's your thing.


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