Brian Feeney

Links for 8/31/2020

Street photos of every building in New York City in 1939/1940.

The NYT published a well-edited photo essay on NYC during the first five months of the pandemic.

Really enjoyed browsing Craig Reynolds photography work.

Colly shares all the videos from this year's New Adventures conference. I attended this year in January, and learned tons about empathy, the limits of empathy, and the power of intentional consideration.

Nitch is a nice resource for quotes by writers and artists.

Tim Burgess (of The Charlantans) started a quarantine album listening party on Twitter and it took off. Some of your favorite records are in here for replays.

I'm really moved by the photographs of Benedetta Ristori

The Black Music History Library. Awesome resource.

Looking for puzzles with amazing art? Here they are.

August 31, 2020