Brian Feeney

It's Nice That featured a few brick and mortar projects by design studios. It's a trend, apparently. I know I'd be tempted if I ran a studio, myself. Especially if that was in a smaller town with affordable retail real estate.

Cory Dransfeldt writes a reminder that "renting your music means accepting that it will disappear." This is the main driver behind my interest in vinyl. I don't listen to much music on the turntable, but I do intend to buy all of my favorite records as LPs. As many as I can. One day, my 25,000 track collection on Apple Music will disappear. Either because Apple closes it down or a random bug wipes it all. I'm resigned to that happening. Everything digital is temporary.

Every time we plan a trip to a place relatively new to me, I scour the web for the general weather I should expect in that location around that week/month. There's a nice tool at Google for this: the Well-Tempered Traveler.

I really enjoyed reading Bobby Aaron Solomon's process in his just-for-fun book cover design for McCarthy's Blood Meridian. Made me miss my graphic design days.

The 2026 World Cup will be hosted by the US, Canada, and Mexico. This weekend, they announced the Final will be held at MetLife Stadium in NJ, right over the Hudson from Manhattan. Going to be so much fun for Americans this time around with games at more easily watchable times for us. I can't wait.

Court Street Bagels in Brooklyn abruptly closed last week, but then mysteriously reopened like a zombie shop. What happened is a mess of landlord greed and extremely shady business practices by the new owner (who also owns Smith Street Bagels). These were two of the best spots for bagels in the neighborhood. At the moment, it doesn't seem right to shop at either.

The Iconfactory is using Kickstarter to fund a new app meant to curate all of your social media and RSS feeds into a single location, Project Tapestry. They make beautiful applications, so I'm sure this one will be no different. It's an idea that's been tried many times before without lasting success. I’m curious to see if they have a new approach which will work where others have failed.

Here's a short history of onigiri, also known colloquially as a rice ball. The modern version came to be post WW2, and was hugely popularized by 7-Eleven. The post also includes this short video on how to properly open them, at which I'm quite terrible.

Jason Frank at Vulture found the royalty free music track used by Wigg and Ferrel at this year's Golden Globes. I loved this dumb little tune (by Kevin McLeod), and that bit was the best moment of the night.

I do not expect to ever be the victim of one of those new AI voice scams where someone uses your voice to convince a loved one you're in extreme trouble and need money fast. But Imani Gandy shared a good idea: have a password between you and those who might get one of these calls.