Brian Feeney

The NYT profiles Long Pond Studio, the beautiful recording studio owned by Aaron Dessner of the National, near Hudson, NY.

A huge and nicely curated collection of design resources, by Ruby Bacanovic: blogs, magazines, courses, shopping, typography, architecture, prints, home goods, digital stuff, and more.

A bunch of really nice web and app design details being collected at Design Spells.

Fun and beautiful interactive timeline displaying the contemporaneous lifespans of notable people. Starts at 3345 BC, but really gets going around 600 BC. You can also really see why 500 to 1000 AD is called the Dark Ages; hundreds of years with almost nothing happening.

From the Washington Post, a "mile-by mile map of the total solar eclipse" that will happen this April 8th. Nice visual for confirming its path, if you weren't sure. Lisa and I will be in Indianapolis for it. Total coverage at my parent's house!

Zach Seward of the NYT has published as an article his 2024 SXSW talk on AI and journalism. It's very good! I'm in full agreement with his conclusions. Approved usage for AI: providing assistance with search, data organization, and other creative research methods. What it should not do: write content while pretending to be something it is not. There are legitimate ways to incorporate AI into newsrooms, and Seward has outlined great boundaries around how one might.

The Pudding takes a look at the differences between two Rolling Stone's lists of the best records of all time from twenty years apart. Obviously, it's a subjective process, but it's interesting to see what drops off after white boomers begin to lose their voting majority.